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Director of UX and Design

You’ll be the first UX/UI hire at NotPublic, playing a critical role in shaping our design principles and the resulting products.

About Us

We’re a fast-growing mobile app company that is revolutionizing private communications. We’re on a mission to amplify privacy as a fundamental human right.

You’ll be joining a rapidly growing, highly curious, and extremely invested team that is laser focused on building and growing our privacy-first app to improve the lives of people everywhere.

The founding team is made up of engineers and entrepreneurs who have collectively started 7 companies employing over 500 people and having raised over $70MM in venture funding.

About the Role

You’ll be the first UX/UI hire at NotPublic, playing a critical role in shaping our design principles and the resulting products.

  • You will lead interaction and visual design. You will architect and understand the user personas and journeys, help conduct user tests, and define and present solutions from your conclusions.

  • You will lead brainstorming sessions, design wireframes, test features through rapid prototyping and work with engineering to define and support effective sprints and the resulting QA work.

  • Our founders are technical. You will be working side-by-side with most of them on day 1!

This position is ideal for a creative self-starter with strong mobile design experience.

Key Responsibilities

  • Own the interaction and visual design for the NotPublic app, website and all marketing collateral

  • Create and evolve design systems for the app and brand

  • Identify target user groups and carry out interviews or other types of inquiry to help understand user needs with the app

  • Define UX solutions through flow diagrams, storyboards and pattern flows tailored to the user's objectives

  • Lead early-stage planning, prototyping, and prototype testing

  • Collaborate with the global agile engineering team to ensure excellent implementation of customized user experiences for the app

  • Provide guidance on the implementation of UX research techniques and testing activities to assess user behavior

  • Maintain a competitive edge against competitor products and industry trends

  • Perform tests on user interface elements such as CTAs, layouts, target links, landing pages and banners

  • Understand product specifications and user psychology (Hook Model) and predict what might work for both

  • Provide Brand development leadership and more importantly OWNERSHIP.

About You

You have a love for all things beautifully designed and a passion for creating simple interfaces.

  • You want to leverage technology to amplify a good idea into something amazing that can benefit millions.

  • You are highly autonomous, detail-oriented, and comfortable working on global cross-functional teams in a fast-paced Agile environment.

  • You have your own point of view, but you take feedback and ideas from others, and listen to data from users and testing to create solutions.


  • You have a "rising tides" approach to success where the enjoyment and fullfillment comes from "doing it together".

Your Ideal Background

  • Expertise in mobile app design and principles.

  • Experience in human-centered design methods and techniques.

  • Excellence in distilling complex ideas into simple concepts, defending the work and being the expert in the room.

  • Experience with customer research and experimentation in user testing

  • Understanding of business metrics and ability to translate company goals and objectives into mobile digital experiences

  • Attention to detail and mastery of information design.

  • Proficient knowledge and understanding of accessibility standards, Interaction and Visual Design trends and best practices.

You enjoy

  • User interface challenges and solving for user experience deficits

  • Collaborating and solving problems with others, keeping solutions as simple as possible

  • Ambiguity and engaging with customer research and data to educate decisions

  • Working both independently and in a team

  • Learning new skills and keeping up to date with developments in technology

  • A creative hobby that you are more than happy to share with us.

You are an expert

  • Figma and comfortable with other design tools such as Principle, Sketch, Adobe XD, Abstract, Miro, Anima, Canva, and lottie.

  • Prototyping, testing and iterating on new and existing designs

  • Communication tools (Slack, Trello, Notion, etc)

  • Communicating your ideas to developers and the product team

  • In a design system methodology or methodologies.

Big Bonus Points If You Have...

  • Experience working with startups

  • Experience with Xcode (Specifically - UIKit, AVFoundation, coreHaptics using AHAP, various UI Pods such as Snapkit).

  • Experience building Icon Style Guides

  • Experience with Creative Writing.

Required Reading and activities on your first day:

What We Offer:

This position will be on premise in our historic Fort Point Boston office, with flexibility to work remotely as sprints allow.

We offer:

  • A highly competitive salary based upon experience.

  • A bonus and options package.

  • Generous PTO.

  • Health, Dental, Life insurance.

  • Gym membership re-imbursement.

  • A full-service office environment.

  • A pet friendly and pet encouraged workplace.

  • The latest Apple Tools.

  • Company Retreats, workshops and online tools designed for each member to pursue hobbies, interests and studies.


** We are literally weeks old! Some of the above might fall in the "promise" category while we get things properly set up - please be sure to ask about the status of any and all of these benefits when you chat with us.

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